Andy and Mike caught up with Mile High Sports & Press Box Show in Denver Host, Peter Burns this morning. Peter talked about this weekend's Playoff matchup against the Chargers and was asked if a loss could be the end of Peyton Manning's career.

Peter Burns: "No... I'll tell you this though - it could be John Fox's. If John Fox goes out there and they lose that game, think about this: You're talking back-to-back times that he's the number 1 seed, he loses in the first round to a double digit underdog... That right there is part of the reason why I think there's a little bit of Jack Del Rio kind of hanging in the wings, and he's like 'hey I'm not in a rush to go interview for other jobs'... It's not a swan song for Peyton, Peyton can obviously play regardless. Even if he wins or loses, he'll be back... If John Fox loses this game, then all of a sudden there's a lot more discussions that are had here in the Mile High City."