Andy and Mike talked with 60 Minutes Sports Lead Correspondent, Armen Keteyian this morning. Armen talked about the 3-month long investigation he did on the major drug problem in Horse Racing set to air on Wednesday, and says it's pivotal time for the sport leading up to Saturday's race at The Belmont.

Armen Keteyian: "There's a drug problem in Horse Racing... Right now, the real big stake holders in the sport are basically saying 'enough is enough'. That the sport is at a tipping point because of the wide spread use of drugs both as therapeutic and designer drugs that they can't test for... The Unites States Anti-Doping Agency is in line to take over both regulation and enforcement of drugs and drug use in Horse Racing, much like they have in the Olympic Drug movement. And also, they were behind the fall of Lance Armstrong... They're at a pivotal moment. If they don't do something about the drug problem, the days like Saturday with 'California Chrome' are going to be distant memories in the not too distant future."