The Golfweek Senior Writer, says Rory is now closer to history than Tiger.

David Dusek: "It's been over 6 years since Tiger Woods won a major tournament. Let that sink in... It's done. Now I think that Tiger is capable of winning a Major if he can fix his driver problem, and he's got a big problem with that... Because he's got a lot of toughness, he's got a lot of determination, he's got a lot of experience - He might be able to finagle another one, maybe even 2 if something else happens. There's no way Tiger's coming close to Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 Major's. Rory McIlroy right now at only 3, has a much better chance at age 25 at catching Jack than Tiger Woods at age 38, with all the injuries and all the baggage, has of catching Jack."


Photo: Getty Images