The NFL's All Time leading rusher talks about the importance of a Running Back, despite the increase in passing offenses.

Emmitt Smith: "We always talk about the Running Backs and how expendable we really are. But at the end of the day, we become very, very valuable when your number 1 Quarterback goes down... And so when you start talking about a balance. I think the National Football League truly needs to look at overall balance vs. individual balance, in terms of who's valuable and who's not... Because you've got to have a running game in order to take the pressure off. I don't care if it's the number 1 Quarterback or number 2 Quarterback... Every team does not have a Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees, or Tom Brady, or Phillip Rivers, or Tony Romo... So the backup guy is just as important as the number 1 guy. And to not have that experienced backup guy is very crucial... But not having a running game is worse." 


Photo: Getty Images