Andy and Mike talked with TMZ Sports Insider, Evan Rosenblum this morning. Evan discussed the latest on the Colin Kaepernick sexual assault investigation and also defended his story after Kaepernick's criticism of the site.

Evan Rosenblum: "We've been doing TMZ for 9 years. We've got a great team, we're thorough people, we know what we're doing. We're not just throwing stuff up on our website... We know what we're saying, we think about it very carefully. And on this particular case just like every other case, we knew the story, we knew the facts before we posted... So when Colin Kaepernick came out and said that the allegations in our story are incorrect, I don't know where he's coming from... And to be honest with you, it makes me more suspicious that he would go and attack us rather than address the issues in the investigation that's going on at the moment."