Andy and Mike talked with TMZ Sports Insider, Evan Rosenblum this morning. Evan caught us up on the lates involving Donald Sterling's fight with the NBA over the Clippers, and says Sterling is having more issues.

Evan Rosenblum: "The problem that he's (Donald Sterling) gonna have... He's looking for a top-flight law firm to back him up. He wants the most powerful legal brains in the country to back him up to go to war with the NBA... And he's been calling at least 8 different powerful law offices. Including one guy considered one the top trial attorney in the country, and they're all saying 'Sorry, we're not gonna take your case. This is too crazy, even for us... Because we've got other clients and if we get into bed with you, they might get rid of us and they pay well too... So, sorry but your money's no good here."