Andy and Mike caught up with Hoops & Sirius/XM NBA Insider, Brian Geltzeiler this morning. Brian talked about the Bulls decision to release Andrew Bynum after their trade and says, Bynum's past behavior has limited his options.

Brian Geltzeiler: "He wants to play for the Clippers or the Heat. I have heard the Heat have a luke-warm interest... That's not an avenue they wanna go down. What's happened to Bynum, is he likes to think that some of the things that he's done recently and behind him, will just be forgotten about because he's 7 feet tall and got some skill... The fact is, there's gonna be teams that don't want to get in bed with a potential nightmare - that's what Bynum's kind of become... I've heard both the Knicks and the Nets have a passing interest. I can't imagine him going either of those places. And frankly, just the notion that the Knicks have an interest is insane... You're gonna put Bynum's personality on that team, with that group of nuts? Who knows what would happen there..."