Andy and Mike caught up with FOX College Football Host, Charles Davis this morning. Charles talked about Johnny Manziel's decision to go Pro, and also brings up a surprise team in the Johnny Football draft sweepstakes.

Charles Davis: "You know who absolutely, positively, before this is ver in my humble opinion, and he may never say it publicly... But I think is going to crave Johnny Manziel?

Jerry Jones...

Because you talk about that star on the side of the helmet, you're talking about a Texas kid playing in Texas, you're talking about a kid doing all the things that Jerry Jones likes... Because let's face it - Tony Romo is a similar type player without that same magic that Manziel possesses from what we've seen out of college. Manziel's got that extra element to him and Jerry Jones isn't just about winning Football games, he's about selling his Football team... Manziel and Jerry Jones? Could you imagine that together? Could you imagine if he was able to pick him? Oh my goodness... He would lose his mind and the whole league would go 'Uh, oh. This is gonna be some marriage right here.' "