Andy and Mike caught up with TMZ Sports Insider, Evan Rosenblum. Evan caught us up on the latest news regarding the arrest of former NFL All Pro, Darren Sharper.

Evan Rosenblum: "He was arrested for rape. Cops say he was linked to 2 different incidents, both in L.A.. One in October, one in January... It's not rape by force. They believe he was using like a date rape drug or some kind of an intoxicant on these women. And it's the same kind of situation in both incidents. So he was arrested over the weekend, taken to jail, booked, was released on $200,000 bail... But after he gets out of jail, all of a sudden more information starts coming out, that there was an incident that was reported in New Orleans that they're investigating... So essentially you have 3 different people making very similar allegations against Darren Sharper."