Andy and Mike caught up with our Pro Football NFL Insider, Mike Florio this morning. Mike talked about the rumors that surfaced regarding the Browns interest in 49ers Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh and just how close it was to happening.


Mike Florio: "He wants to be paid a lot of money and they need to work out a long term extension this off-season. He's under contract for 2 more years but if they don't work something out this off-season, after 2014 chances are that other teams will be calling, other teams will be trying to get him and at a certain point the 49ers will throw their hands in the air and say 'we're ready to move on'. And the way we reported it Friday and I've yet to hear anything that will change my mind on this - he would now be the Coach of the Cleveland Browns if he wanted to leave. They had it tee'd up, he ultimately decided not to kick the ball."