Andy and Mike talked with FOX Sports Radio MLB Insider, Seth Everett this morning. Seth discussed the off-field issues for Yasiel Puig and says the Dodgers may have other problems in the Outfield to go along with them.

Seth Everett: "Their Outfielders are Matt Kemp coming off an injury, Carl Crawford who's an injury waiting to happen, and Yasiel Puig who's 25 pounds overweight. Not only would I not be trading one of these Outfielders, I'd be going to get extra Outfielders... Don't be surprised if Puig ends up on the bench. There's not going to be ownership pressure to play him as long as that network is in some kind of blackout situation... Mattingly is gonna get a chance to channel his inner Billy Martin and we'll see what happens with Yasiel Puig. We'll see how he reacts."