Andy and Mike caught up with Michigan State Head Basketball Coach, Tom Izzo this morning. Coach Izzo talked about being ranked 3rd in the country and also why he seems annoyed during halftime interviews.

Tom Izzo: "Haha, yeah they're not bad... I feel sorry, especially (for the) new (reporters) coming in. Usually they're good but it's been kind of a strange year. We've had a lot of injuries, the changing of the rules have really bothered me personally... I'm not gonna over-complain about it but I am gonna say, everybody's got their own opinions. And if they think it's what's best for Basketball, I'm cool with that - I just don't. And so it creates a lot of heart in a huddle when a foul is called one way outside and a different way inside... Not the officials fault, it's what we've decided to do. So all those things come into play."