The BIG Ten Network Analyst talks with Daybreak about recruiting in the new conference.

Gerry Dinardo: "I'm hearing all the Big Ten Coaches make suggestions about recruiting and here's why - Unless the recruiting rules change, it's going to be hard for the Big Ten to be the premiere Football Conference in the country... Un-official visits are visits that prospects pay for their own way to campus. And in the old days, un-official visits only really took place on game day... Now-a-days, un-official visits happen Junior year. The kids look around and they make a decision. Well, a lot of people can't pay to come to some of these Big Ten Universities. So the rule that has to change, is the Big Ten needs a rule change that allows them to officially visit Junior prospects... So, if you're a Junior Mike and Andy, I can fly you to my Campus...  Because the population has shifted to the Sunbelt, it's shifted to the East Coast. There's not as many prospects within driving distance to these Big Ten Universities. So all these Coaches are looking for answers that will help them overcome this trend that kids make a decision before their Senior year, and by NCAA rule, you can't officially visit a kid before his Senior year."


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