The NFL Network Insider tells Daybreak what teams have been the most impressive during his Training Camp Tour.

Ian Rapoport: "I liked the Bears a lot. Just as far as like, the kind of practice they run - it was unbelievably efficient and high tempo, and a lot of fun. I thought the Vikings looked a little better than I thought they would because they've got a lot of young guys there... But the Coaching staff, especially Norv Turner. When you've got Christian Ponder playing decently well, that's a pretty good accomplishment... And the Packers were also pretty intriguing. Because obviously we know how good Aaron Rodgers is and all that, but it seems the addition of Julius Peppers has really made a huge impact on that team defensively. Not just in that he's a very good player and we get to use him but, in everyone else taking notice."


Photo: Getty Images