Uruguay's degenerate forward Luis Suarez is facing another ban for a biting incident during yesterday's 1-0 win over Italy.  I don't follow world soccer very closely, but this is apparently his "thing" - it's the third biting incident that we know of and he was banned after each of the previous incidents.  FIFA's maximum suspension is 24 matches or two years, but some are calling for a lifetime ban.

(photo from the front page of today's Daily Mirror)

Oh, did I mention that Suarez is also racist?     

Regardless of what happens with his punishment, an interesting question was brought up this morning on the Dan Patrick Show on WNDE: Which of the following would you least like to happen to you on the field (or court)?  Getting bitten, getting hit in the groin, or getting punched in the face.  Since we're in Indianapolis, I have to add having Lance Stephenson blow into your ear.

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