First off, thank you for DECIDING to click on this link.  Some of you DECIDE to listen to Query & Schultz, too. Picking a radio show/station is a tough DECISION, and we thank you for picking ours.

Oh, hey, look what the Colts' 2014 slogan is:

Boy, I sure hope they do DECIDE to go to the Super Bowl, instead of DECIDING to lose to the Patriots in the Divisional Round!

In all seriousness, these team slogans are always lame.  Believe in Blue, Make it Personal, Hoist It, etc. have all been cheesy Colts' slogans through the years.  I get the team unity and motivation aspect of them, but every team wants to "decide" to be great (obviously). Seattle didn't make a "decision" to be last year's champion. They built their team through shrewd drafting and personnel moves, won the league's toughest division, and flexed their defensive muscle in a brutal dismantling of Denver's high-powered offense.  They weren't the NFL's best decision-making team - they were the NFL's best execution team.

Regardless of what the Colts decide, they have the potential to contend in the AFC, even if they aren't quite ready to be a real championship threat.