It looks like the Pacers' players showed more fight in the practices leading up to Game 1 than they actually did in the game itself.

Prior to Saturday's 101-93 loss to Atlanta, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! reports that Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner got into a "fistfight".  This from Woj:

"Two Pacers dragged a cursing, cut Evan Turner out of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse court, untangling him from a practice-floor fistfight with Lance Stephenson.  This confrontation had been weeks in the making and that reflected in the ferocity of the encounter."


When the Turner trade was made there was some question as to whether or not Larry Bird was bringing him in to be a backup plan to losing Stephenson - Turner, a free agent to-be himself, clearly will command less dollars on the open market than Lance will.  Perhaps that's how Lance viewed it as well?

Regardless, both were noticeably absent for most of the second half of last night's Game 2 win.  It's hard, however, to see the Pacers making a deep run without Lance contributing and Turner giving them something off the bench. These guys are going to need to bury the hatchet and worry about their contracts this summer.