Who is Rodney Stuckey?

Right now, he might be the Pacers' best option to filling the role that Lance Stephenson has vacated.  The veteran guard signed with Indiana yesterday for the veteran's minimum, and is looking to revitalize a once-promising career which stalled in Detroit.  Here are some of the Pros and Cons of Stuckey's game:


- The 28-year old can play both guard positions, and has 265 career starts under his belt.

- As you can see, his career offensive production - outside of his poor shooting - is pretty similar with Lance Stephenson's offensive numbers last season:

     PPG    FG%     3-PT    AST
Stuckey    13.4    42.3%    28.6%    3.9
Stephenson    13.8    49.1%    35.2%    4.6

- By coming aboard for just one year at the veteran's minimum, this is a low-risk move with a potential reward (we've heard that before, though).


- As stated above, Rodney Stuckey can't shoot.  His career 42% FG is awful for a guard who likes to attack the basket, and he's not someone that opposing defenses have to pay attention to beyond the arc.

- Most of what I've read has painted Stuckey as a mediocre-to-poor defender.

- He has been a malcontent in the past, earning a spot on the Detroit bench in late 2011 for insubordination. Remember yesterday's "addition by subtraction" talk from Pacers' fans about Stephenson? Pistons' fans seem to feel the same way about their former guard:

- Although he's played point guard, he's not really a true point guard.  The Pacers' top three point guards (Hill, Stuckey, Watson) are all in that category.

Stuckey has played for six head coaches in his seven years, so maybe joining a franchise with some stability will help.  This is a low-risk move, but the Pacers have swung and missed on several such moves in the past. I'm still hoping that this was a contingency plan for Plan B, as opposed to the Plan B for losing Lance Stephenson.  But, if Stuckey gets his head on straight, he can be an adequate option in the Pacers' backcourt.