I've had plenty of terrible birthday gifts.

On my 9th birthday, one of my close friends gave me a Jets' Starter jacket (I was/am a Giants' fan).  I really liked trains when I was a toddler, but quickly grew out of that phase.  That didn't stop my grandma from getting me a sweatshirt for my 13th birthday that said, "Derek's my Name. Trains are my Game."  I never wore it, but was forced by my parents to write a glowing 'Thank You' note.

However, Query's gift to me on yesterday's show tops the list as the most horrible.  He somehow tracked down the two demon children actors who portrayed the creepy Grady twins in The ShiningIt's a scene that I can't watch to this day.  Query recorded their bone-chilling birthday greeting to me.

Take a listen:

They even have a Twitter account, which I immediately blocked after seeing this:

How was my birthday?  Horrific.