Indiana and their fans grip their traditions tightly.

This is a program that still has candy-striped warm-ups, lets the pep band play during all timeouts, and had a 1960s scoreboard until the mid-2000s.  Heck, I remember when replacing the "I" at midcourt with the interlocking "IU" was a huge controversy.

So, I'm guessing these new Adidas uniforms aren't going to go over so well:

They will wear the new uniforms only in the Big Ten Tournament. If their season goes beyond that (NIT?), they'll revert back to the normal threads, according to Zach Osterman of the IndyStar.  It's not just IU.  Traditional powers like Kansas, Louisville, and UCLA will also change their "kits" up for March basketball.  

I don't love the look, but it's not the short-shorts Steve Alford era any longer.  Many recruits are attracted to the unique uniform trend that has already swept through college football.  What say you?  Yay or Nay on Indiana changing things up?

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Poll: Like or Loathe IU's Big Ten Tourney uniforms?