It's July - the slowest month of the sports calendar. Usually in July, the sports media tries to dig around for stories because there is so little happening on the court and on the field.  Perhaps that is why Colin Kaepernick's hat choice at a Fourth of July barbeque is making national news:

An Instagram pic of the 49ers phenom rocking a Miami Dolphins' cap went viral, and it's caused fans and former players/coaches to go into an uproar.  Kaepernick refused to apologize for donning the cap, explaining that the orange and teal colors were merely worn to match the outfit he was wearing.

Personally, I don't have an issue with it. Kaepernick was attending an offseason barbeque with friends during his personal time.  His fashion choices aren't my concern, nor do I think he was disrespecting the 49ers by happening to <gasp> own a hat from an opposing team!   

Do you have a problem with it?  What if Andrew Luck was wearing a 49ers hat?  Vote in our poll:

Poll: Did you have a problem with Colin Kaepernick's Dolphins' hat?