What?  You thought the third-straight postseason meeting between the Heat and Pacers would only have drama on the court?

Greg Cote, a columnist for the Miami Herald, who was butt-hurt frustrated after Miami's 107-96 Game 1 loss yesterday, threw some barbs at the Indiana crowd:

"Heat players left the court here when it was over Sunday to a raucous howl of laughter, mocking derision and unkind gestures from Pacers fans, but the losing players did so stoically, businesslike, eyes straight forward, and without the smallest inkling of panic."

Like they don't encounter this anywhere else?  They're the champs. Championship teams get this treatment on the road everywhere.

"A Pacers franchise that has won zero NBA titles in its history is very loud for a club with such a quiet résumé."

Ooooh... burn!  This is like the "Whatever! Five Banners!" IU fans that are out there (being an IU grad, I can't stand them).  The whole playing-the-history-card technique is so, so lame.  

"Pacers fans were holding up large images of LeBron and Wade wearing pink bras. The LeBron photo showed him wearing not his trademark white headband, but an Aunt-Jemima-style pink kerchief that seemed rather racist to these eyes."

Some Pacers' fans commented that it was a pink bow on LeBron's head - not a mock Aunt Jemima bandana. Hey, at least they weren't setting anything on fire or acting any worse this Heat fan:

"And remember it was because of the Pacers that Haslem once took nine stitches above his eye."

And remember it was because of the Heat that this happened:

This is just after one game!  If Cote can't handle what has been thrown out there so far, then maybe he should sit out for the rest of the series.  The Pacers may have landed the first punch, but trust me, the real fireworks in this matchup are yet to come.