Did a few Pacers' players narrowly avoid being right in the middle of the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy one year ago today?

That's what Paul George claims.

Scott Agness of Pacers.com, who joined the show yesterday, talked to several Pacers' players who were in Boston on the day of the bombing.  Their game that night against the Celtics ended up being canceled, and a make-up was never scheduled.  

As George, David West, Sam Young, and Orlando Johnson were walking back to downtown from Fenway Park, Johnson made them stop for lunch at Popeye's.  This from Agness (via Pacers.com):

"...they decided to go [to Popeye's]. Otherwise, as Paul George explained, the guys were planning to go to the finish line and cheer the runners on. One decision – a random desire – kept the guys away from the unfortunate events that took place."

It's crazy to think that several Pacers could've been at the epicenter of that terrible, chaotic moment. Our thoughts and prayers are with the lost and the survivors of last year's tragedy, as well as the entire city of Boston today.