ESPN The Magazine's The Body issue is the eighth Wonder of the World.  Every year, we get to view the sculpted physiques of people that are better looking, more athletic, and richer than us.  From a pure curiosity standpoint, I am intrigued by The Body issue - don't lie, so are you - and it is interesting to see the wide range of looks in different sports with different athletic requirements.  

That said, when I think of sports "bodies", the last person that comes to mind is Prince Fielder.  The stocky slugger is not only featured in the latest issue; HE'S ON THE COVER:

Here is the "Behind the Scenes" video from (WARNING- NSFW):

Some of you are probably thinking, "Come on, Schultz.  All body types should be celebrated blah blah blah!" I'm certainly not trying to throw stones from my glass house - no one is lining up to put a bearded, 5'6, 150-pound guy with a farmer's tan in any pictorials.  If you want to hide Prince somewhere in the issue, fine, but the cover? Really?  Venus Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, Angel McCoughtry, yet he's your headliner?  If you were doing The Body in Hollywood, would you lead with Zack Galifianakis?

If you wanted our attention/amazement/horror, ESPN, mission accomplished.