Ray Rice has been given a slap on the wrist.  

Rice will reportedly be suspended for just two games for a domestic abuse incident with his then fiancee (now wife).  The running back was indicted on third degree aggravated assault stemming from his arrest in February. Surveillance video of the aftermath went viral, and there may be video of the actual assault that has not yet gone public.  

(WARNING: This video is disturbing)

Many have criticized Roger Goodell for being too harsh with previous punishments, but in this case, he went way too light.  Robert Mathis and other first-time PED violators are automatically suspended for four games.  Will Hill was also suspended four games after testing positive for marijuana.

No one would argue that marijuana or PED use - even multiple incidences of use - is/are more serious than assault.  I understand that drug suspensions are part of the collective bargaining agreement, but any system that punishes a drug offender twice as much as a domestic abuser (even a first-timer like Rice apparently is) is broken.