There are no Indiana teams in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2005, and only the second time in over forty years.  Due to that fact, there is a lot less buzz about March Madness in this city/state than there usually is.

During our weekly programming meeting, our bosses implored us to try to make the NCAA Tournament "sexy" to our listeners.  I usually post my (terrible) bracket on the Wednesday before the start of the First Round Second Round whatever the hell they're calling it now, but I was told that was "too boring" and I needed to "spice it up". 

So, here is my bracket... filled out in a much more sensuous way than normal:

In case you can't read my chicken-scratch handwriting, I went with the way-too-common Final Four of Florida, Arizona, Louisville, Michigan State (nearly put Iowa State in there).  I took Florida, because in a wide-open year, they feel more safe than anyone else. 

Side note: I would suggest buying this after viewing that video