The Pacers won't select in tonight's NBA Draft until the 57th pick - thanks Luis Scola! - and that means that Indiana fans are in for a long wait.  Once the Blue and Gold finally get to the podium, they likely won't have much to choose from.  The NBA Draft's second round is generally a crapshoot, and the final couple of picks are usually low-ceiling American players or grab-and-stash International guys that won't be with the team for several years. 

Here is a brief history of the 57th selection in recent years: Alex Oriakhi (2013), Ilkan Karaman (2012), Tanguy Ngombo (2011), Ryan Reid (2010, originally a Pacers' pick), Emir Preldzic (2009), James Gist (2008), Sammy Mejia (2007), Loukas Mavrokefalidis (2006), Marcin Gortat (2005), Sergei Karaulov (2004), Xue Yuang (2003), Ryan Holcomb (2002), Bryan Bracey (2001), Scoonie Penn (1999), Manu Ginobili (1999).

The only two players to have notable NBA careers on that list were Gortat on Ginobili.  However, Gortat didn't join the league until 2007, and Ginobili didn't come to the states until 2002.  Don't expect the Pacers to get a similar-level player tonight, and if they miraculously do, don't expect that player to be here until 2016 or later.