In sports radio, we play "Armchair GM/coach" constantly.

We discuss who should start, who should be traded, and who we would draft.  In light of Tony Dungy's recent comments on Michael Sam, I wanted you to put your GM hat on: Would you take a chance on Sam?

Viewpoint 1: Sam brings too much of a media circus with him and it would cause problems in the locker room.

Viewpoint 2: Sam wouldn't create any more of distraction than Johnny Manziel, Michael Vick (who, by the way, Tony Dungy vehemently defended several years ago), Tim Tebow, or any number of NFL players who were given chances recently.  

Personally, I wouldn't have a problem taking Sam if I thought he could help my team.  Considering that we haven't heard his name pop up very much this offseason, I'm not sure he's as much of a "distraction" as some think.  Dungy is entitled to his opinion, but his unwillingness to take a chance on Sam is unfortunate considering that it wasn't that long ago that Tampa Bay took a chance on Dungy.  At the time, he was only the sixth minority head coach in NFL history, and one of only three African-American head coaches in the league. The Buccaneers weren't afraid of "dealing with it", and Dungy shouldn't be either.

What's your perspective?  Vote in our Poll below.

Poll: Would you take a chance on Michael Sam?