Holtmann a Hot Commodity

There is an annual rite of passage from late Winter to early Spring in Indiana: wildly fluctuating temperatures, potholes that can swallow your car, and Butler head coach rumors.  Brad Stevens lived it for many years before ultimately taking the Boston Celtics' gig, and now Chris Holtmann is going through it, too.

With the N.C. State job about to open up, and several others to undoubtedly follow, speculation about Holtmann's long-term status at Butler is popping up again this week.  As the IndyStar's David Woods points out, Holtmann has already been pursued in the past by Tennessee and Georgia Tech in each of the last two seasons, so this wouldn't be anything new. 

Holtmann is under contract through the 2021-22 season, thanks to an extension last year, but the financial details of said contract are undisclosed.  While it's fair to assume that he makes over $1 million per season, many larger programs pay double or triple that amount.


Holtmann is about to welcome in Butler's most decorated recruiting class in program history, to add to several returnees (Martin, Baldwin, Wideman, etc.), so it doesn't feel like now is the best time to make the leap.  But, with Butler still having somewhat limited resources compared to their Power 5/public school counterparts, there is always going to be speculation.

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