Should the Colts cut Dwayne Allen?

The Colts extended Jack Doyle last night, and now there's some question whether they should keep the tight end they extended last year.

Dwayne Allen is coming off an underwhelming 2016 season, and his cap number is just $6M for 2017. As Stephen Holder pointed out last month, even though a release is unlikely, the Colts wouldn't have to eat much money:


Allen already collected over one-third of his original $30M extension last season, and that contract only included $11.5M total in guaranteed money. The dead cap number isn't very high, either: $3 million (2017), $2 million (2018), and $1 million (2019).

Regardless, I'd be really surprised if Dwayne Allen isn't on the field for the Colts in September. He's still Indy's best all-around tight end and one of Andrew Luck's favorite Red Zone targets. However, if he continues to struggle with consistent production and his health, there's little chance he'll be a Colt through the life of his contract.

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