Paul George: 0-fer in the "Clutch"

Chances are you've probably seen this damning Paul George stat floating around for the last 48 hours: 


George was unhappy about not getting the final shot in Saturday's one-point loss in Cleveland, so many are pointing out his checkered history in the "clutch".

Here's my problem with that stat: Paul George has taken over 7,000 shots in his career (including playoffs). Why are we cherry-picking fifteen shots from a ridiculously small sample size? 

Does that statistic take into account game-tying shots, like the one he hit to force overtime in the Conference FInals in Miami in 2013? Does it take into account go-ahead free throws, like the three he hit to take the lead with two seconds left in overtime of that same game? Heck, does it add in the 25-footer he hit on Saturday to make it a one-point game with forty seconds left? Was that shot any less "clutch", if such a thing even exists?

Despite the narrative, Kobe Bryant struggled in late-game situations. Michael Jordan sometimes missed (gasp!) those type of shots, too. I'm not sure if either of them were 0-15 with under twenty seconds left in a go-ahead situation, or if they were 0-15 with four minutes left of a weekend day game following a thunderstorm - see how ridiculous you can make the parameters of any statistical discussion?

With the game on the line, I want the ball in the best player's hands, and Paul George is that guy. Fifteen random misses over seven years of a 7,000+ shot career shouldn't scare anyone away.

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