What Is Nate McMillan Doing?

Following the Pacers' Game 2 loss last night in Cleveland, Nate McMillan is taking a lot of heat. This post, in particular, from Matt Moore of CBSSports.com really takes him to task:


Moore points out several coaching-related issues that the Pacers have run into in this series:

- Being unprepared for Paul George to be double-teamed in the final seconds of Game 1.

- Defensive mismatches, mostly involving Indiana's guards like Lance Stephenson (on Kevin Love last night) and Jeff Teague (being forced to switch on LeBron).

- Playing Teague and Monta Ellis together for long stretches

The Pacers' personnel is obviously an issue, and they don't have a lot of defensive solutions to Cleveland's offensive firepower, but they need to be put in a better position to be successful. I'm not sure that McMillian - with his incredibly average 534-514 career head coaching record (including playoffs) - is the guy to put them in the right spot.

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