Should Colts Shop For a New Backup QB?

Andrew Luck is throwing, if you take the Colts' word for it, but he'll start Training Camp this weekend on the PUP list as he continues to rehab a surgically-repaired shoulder. As of right now, the only other quarterbacks on the Colts roster are Scott Tolzien, last year's backup, and preseason hero Stephen Morris. 

With so much uncertainty surrounding Luck, should Indy be actively shopping for backup upgrades? Here are a few guys on the open market:

Colin Kaepernick: Say what you want about his personal politics, but the guy has by far the most experience and success of anyone on this list. There is a lot of speculation that Kaepernick is being intentionally shut out by NFL owners, and while there's no way of knowing for sure, he's certainly capable enough to be an emergency backup.

Shaun Hill: The 37-year old has started 35 games in his career, and played for four different teams, most recently in Minnesota. Whether it be as a starter or in mop-up time, his career numbers aren't terrible.

Robert Griffin III: He'll always be linked to Andrew Luck as the second guy taken in the 2012 NFL Draft, but his career has never gotten back off the ground since a rookie year knee injury. His 88.4 passer rating over five NFL seasons looks fine (if you're still into traditional QB numbers), but he's missed 20 games over last two seasons due to injury. It's risky to replace a hurt quarterback with a guy who is seemingly always hurt.

Christian Ponder: Man, we're really starting to dig. Sam Ponder's husband hasn't played in an NFL game since 2014, although he was active for several games last season in San Francisco as the #2 to Kaepernick.

Johnny Manziel: Hahahahahaha. This probably won't happen, but hey, I felt like I had to add one more to the list. Manziel has thrown a total of 258 career passes and hasn’t played since 2015. I'm not going to list all of the reasons why that's the case, because you probably already know.

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