Colts Camp Question: Where Does TY Rank?

TY Hilton is an elite wide receiver, and he's undoubtedly a #1 in today's NFL, but how many guys would you take over him today?

That's the subject of our Colts Camp Question on the show. While Hilton's numbers - including last season's NFL-leading 1,443 yards - show how good he is, fans have gotten on him for inconsistency. Hilton does have the ability to blow up in games, but also gets taken away in others. Since the start of the 2015 season, he has eight games of 100 receiving yards or more, and eleven of 50 yards or less.

That said, TY is too often disrespected, as he came in a laughable 115th in MMQB's Top 400 players ranking last month and often gets passed over for taller, more physical targets.

We'll talk about it today on the show from 3-7p. Also, you can leave your take in our Fox Sports 97.5 Facebook page comments.

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