Peyton "Preparing" For NFL Executive Career

Will Peyton Manning return to the NFL in his post-playing career?

It appears the answer isn't "if", but "when". Peter King talked to several people around the league, and the thought seems to be that Manning is preparing to become an executive like John Elway: 


This isn't a surprise as Peyton had a front row seat to see Elway build the Broncos into a Super Bowl contender and winner in his four-season stint in Denver. Give how football-obsessed Manning is, most assumed he wouldn't be able to stay out of football for long. 

However, where will he go? Manning has ties to teams all over the league - Indianapolis (for obvious reasons), Nashville (he's still a god throughout that entire state), and New Orleans (his hometown) - and you'd think any team would love to have someone of his stature in an executive role.

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