Jaguars Rookie: "It Was Really Easy"

The Jaguars beat the Patriots in an absolutely meaningless preseason game last night, and Jacksonville rookie Leonard Fournette is supremely confident in himself after his NFL debut.

The former LSU star said the NFL was "a lot slower than I really thought" and that playing in the SEC helped him prepare for it. He concluded with this gem:

Hmmm. Considering Fournette ran for just 31 yards on nine carries (less than four yards per carry), it couldn't have been that "easy".

Look, I have no problem with a guy being confident in his abilities. Fournette has a lot of star potential and could be a great player. That said, one preseason game means absolutely nothing. Whatever he saw last night isn't close to what he'll see in a real game. 

Hopefully for Jacksonville, Fournette's confidence will translate to his play, and help finally lift them out of the AFC South gutter.

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