Could the Colts Dump Dorsett?

The early returns for Phillip Dorsett have been very... meh.

The 2015 first round pick ranked in the top ten in the NFL in yards per reception last season (over 16+ ypc), but only had 33 catches. When Donte Moncrief was hurt in September, Dorsett responded with just eight catches in the next four games. While no one questions he has some talent, it's all meaningless if he can't consistently produce.

Lately, Dorsett has been dealing with a hamstring issue, and the timing couldn't be worse:


TY Hilton and Moncrief are the clear #1 and #2, but everything else on the Colts' wide receiver depth chart is up for grabs. Dorsett was initially listed as a co-#3 with Chester Rogers on the team's first depth chart, but many feel that Rogers has passed him. Veteran free agent signee Kamar Aiken and camp darling Bug Howard also appear to be in good shape to make the roster. 

So, where does that leave Dorsett? While he's unlikely to be released, his hamstring injury, coupled with the production of others competing with him for reps, at least makes it a possibility.

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