Are The Colts Liars?

Are the Colts and Chuck Pagano lying about the prognosis of Andrew Luck? Gregg Doyel, the IndyStar columnist and show regular, is accusing them of exactly that:


The Colts have skirted the issue for months, telling everyone over and over that "there is no timetable" on Luck's return. However, they have given the impression that it's not a dire situation, with Irsay saying earlier this month that he'll be ready "around the start of the season".

It seems pretty clear that Luck won't be ready to go for Week 1, but if you buy Chuck Pagano's ridiculous "I haven't seen him throw" answer, wouldn't you automatically assume he's out longer? If Pagano hasn't seen him throw, or he has seen him throw and didn't like what he saw (and therefore lied so he wouldn't have to sugarcoat answers about it), that's seems to indicate a massive problem.

NFL teams are notorious for withholding or presenting misleading information about injuries, so this wouldn't be new territory for the Colts. That said, if they don't have any definitive answers when it comes to Andrew Luck's health, that certainly doesn't speak well to his progress.

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