Can Stephen Morris Win the Job?

For the Colts, the only meaningful thing of an ultimately meaningless fourth and final preseason game tonight vs. Cincinnati is how their top two healthy quarterbacks perform.

Both Scott Tolzien and Stephen Morris will get reps tonight, and since Andrew Luck still hasn't been cleared, it's fair to assume one of them will be under center in Los Angeles in nine days. Chuck Pagano hasn't specified who the #1 will be, but for whatever the reason, the Colts seem locked into Tolzien at that spot:


It's strange because Morris, who is completing over 70% of his passes this preseason, has outplayed Tolzien, albeit with more reps against backups than Tolzien has had. He seems to have more of the physical tools, and while limited, a lot more upside than Tolzien.

I don't think anything Morris does tonight changes Pagano's mind about Week 1, but it will be interesting to see if he can make one final push.

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