The Newest Andrew Luck "Rumor"

Whenever a team is silent (or downright dishonest) about a star player's injury, the restless fanbase starting putting their tin foil hats on.

As with Peyton Manning six years ago, there's a lot of speculation as to a timetable for Andrew Luck's return, and what may or may not have caused any setbacks. The latest? A rumor involving a snowboard:


I'd believe just about anything at this point, but It seems extremely unlikely that this is true. However, the guys at Indiana Sports Coverage even confirmed that Luck snowboards, so take that for whatever it's worth.

I chose to share this because it shows how speculation can get out of control when a team tries to withhold information from their fans. As this season continues to go south, and Luck goes another week without seeing the field, expect that speculation to continue to grow.

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