The Colts New Tradition: An Anvil

The Colts have had trouble piling up wins, but they seem stacking marketing gimmicks quite easily. The latest? An anvil that they're going to hit before home games.

I snapped this picture of it while FOX 59 was doing a story on the anvil for Colts Blue Friday:


Apparently, Robert Mathis rang in the new Colts' "tradition" prior to their home opener with Arizona last week. Here's the story behind it (click the picture):

We love Mathis - we did a weekly show with him last year - but this tradition seems... forced. That said, an anvil immediately reminds me of the old Wile E. Coyote/Roadrunner cartoons, where anvils repeatedly drop on the poor coyote's head. So, hey, maybe this is an appropriate tradition for the current Colts.

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