LISTEN: Irsay Should Be More Hands-Off

The 2017 Colts have provided much more drama off the field than on it, and it starts with their owner.

While Jim Irsay is a popular figure with a big heart, I'm not sure that fans trust his ability to properly run this franchise as its central figure. His declarations about Andrew Luck's outlook for this season all turned out to be erroneous, which embarrassed the team. His short stint as general manager (1984-93) was mostly a disaster, and he's seen more as the "wacky" owner than he is a hardcore football savant. His history with substance abuse obviously doesn't help his cause, either. 

We all know that Irsay has been more hands-on with his team since the departures of Peyton Manning, Bill Polian, and Tony Dungy, and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I compared him to the uncle that you love, but only want to see a handful of times per year:

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