Did the Colts Mishandle Brissett's Concussion?

We're not going to pretend to be doctors - Jake and I barely graduated Indiana with English and Sports Comm degrees, respectively - but should Jacoby Brissett have been back on the field after this hit?


Brissett was taken into concussion protocol, and the Colts say he was evaluated twice before being allowed to take the field again. In fact, Scott Tolzien had temporarily jogged out onto the field until Brissett came to replace him on the next series.

After the game, the Colts didn't make Brissett available because they said he started showing symptoms after the game concluded:


Head injuries aren't an exact science, but given their handling of other injuries this season, you can understand why some are skeptical with the Colts' medical staff. Hopefully Brissett can get everything back on track before the Colts' season resumes after the bye week.

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