Peyton Manning to... Cleveland?!

With another disastrous season nearing completion, the Browns are in line for their 84235642nd regime change (not that many, but you get the point), and rumors are flying that they're really trying to get Peyton Manning to save their sinking ship of a franchise.

Laugh, if you must, but Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has a very strong connection with Manning:

There were also rumors/reports that Manning was in Cleveland a few weeks ago, perhaps to meet with Haslam.

Where does that put the Colts? There are some who believe Manning could be offered a Team President job as a go-between for Jim Irsay and Chris Ballard, but others say that Irsay wants Ballard to run the show on the personnel end.

Regardless, there will be many teams recruiting a figure like Manning for a front office position, and none of them should be automatically ruled out.

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