Pacers' "City" Jersey Leaked?

The Pacers new jerseys, and their brand overhaul in general, has been very well-received overall. We know about the blue/white/gold cornrows uniforms, and their Hickory threads are staying on as one of the alternates, but they have not yet released their fifth and final jersey: the "city" edition. 

Did it leak earlier today? This from Whitney Medworth of SB Nation:


This leak apparently came from NBA 2K18, who then pulled it from their next update:


Maybe I'm the wrong person to ask because I'm deep into my 30s now, but I don't like the jerseys that are too over-the-top. I don't hate the middle circle, but the Pacers' stripe on the side is pretty awful. 

I have no idea when these will be officially revealed or worn, but you can check out some of the other leaks from @conradburry on Twitter.

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