LISTEN: Final Pagano Cliche Bell Segment

The Chuck Pagano Cliche Bell had a good run.

We started it early in the 2014 season - we don't often bang the drum about being "first!" but we were definitely the first to make fun of Pagano for this - when we noticed that the Colts' head coach had a knack for spouting cliches.

Over the years, the cliche bell gained a sponsor, The Good Feet Store of Indiana, and even spawned a fake Twitter account. Listeners seemed to really enjoy it, and it was easily our favorite segment, bringing both of us to tears with laughter at times, and launching into annoyed rants at others.

With Pagano's tenure almost certainly over following Sunday's season finale against Houston, we went Inside The Locker Room with the Chuck Pagano Cliche Bell for a final time on yesterday's show. Pagano brought his "A" game with some standby cliches, but one phrase launched Query into a tizzy. 

Take a listen:

Query & Schultz

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