Purdue Caps Turnaround Season with W

It didn't even take Jeff Brohm a full twelve months to turn around a down decade for Purdue football.

The Boilermakers capped a surprising turnaround season with a come-from-ahead win over Arizona in the Foster Farms Bowl last night. After watching the Wildcats score 21 unanswered points to take the lead, Elijah Sindelar - torn ACL and all - led the Boilers on a 75-yard touchdown drive to seal it.

I tweeted this last night about the remarkable job Brohm has done:


This success will naturally lead Boiler fans to worry about losing their head coach, but even if that happens down the line, enjoy it while he's there. It feels like Purdue football matters again, and you have to go back to the heyday of the late Joe Tiller (R.I.P.) in the mid-2000s to find a time when fans were this excited about the program.

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