Awful Decision Still Looms Large

Two years ago today, this happened...


The extensions were a huge surprise. After he rejected a one-year extension the prior summer, most believed that the Colts were set to move on from Chuck Pagano after his fourth season. Despite being a popular figure, Pagano's flaws as an in-game head coach were obvious, even at that time.

As for Grigson, who was extremely unpopular, early success (2012 Draft) was followed by disastrous decisions (2013 free agency, 2013 Draft, Trent Richardson trade) which hadn't improved the roster. An extra year only prolonged the agony.

This is a decision the Colts are still paying for. They ultimately fired Grigson after the 2016 season, a fate that should've been shared by Pagano, who stayed on for a 4-12 lame duck year. Now, the Colts are seemingly two years behind as first-year GM Chris Ballard tries to fix the roster, and the franchises searches for its next head coach.

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