Is McDaniels "The Guy"?

Chris Ballard and the Colts have done a great job controlling the flow of information during their coaching search. There have been little to no leaks, and the only info that has been made public is who they have interviewed, or requested to interview, to this point.

That said, adding up what we know - which, as Stephen Holder of the IndyStar pointed out, isn't much - all signs seem to point to a clear front-runner: Josh McDaniels.

The Colts have interviewed five candidates (that we know of) and have requested to interview a total of six. We can go ahead and cross Matt Nagy (took the Bears' job) and Matt Rhule (remaining at Baylor) off the list, as well as Panthers DC Steve Wilks, who apparently won't interview for the job any longer.

While tweeting about Wilks' choice, Ian Rapoport said the Colts are focused on an "offensive-minded" coach:


If that's true, and the Colts really are leaning offense, that would eliminate Seahawks DC Kris Richard and Texans DC Mike Vrabel, two defensive coaches who also interviewed for the job.

That leaves McDaniels as the only man standing.

Sure, things can change. Kansas City's Dave Toub and Philadelphia's Frank Reich, guys with Ballard and Colts ties respectively, are still floating around out there. Also, Ballard has shown that he's willing to think outside the box, especially with the surprise interview of the under-qualified Rhule. But, if McDaniels is their guy, we'd have no way of knowing at this point. The Colts aren't allowed to officially hire him until the Patriots season is over, which could still be weeks away.

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