WATCH: Paul George Whines About All-Star Snub

If you've read this blog or listened to the show, you know I've been a Paul George defender in the past. Lately, however, whenever he opens his mouth, I start to cringe.

George stayed true to his reputation as a whiner when discussing his All-Star snub:


PG is right about one thing: it's tougher to make the All-Star team in the West. In fact, I would take any combination of the West reserves to beat the East's starting lineup. George is still a terrific, two-way player, who is having the type of season in OKC that warrants an All-Star bid. That said, who cares? George has made All-NBA teams, received MVP votes, and played for Team USA. Why would an All-Star Game matter that much to him?

Pacers fans are puffing out their chests today, and rightfully so, but they didn't need a silly All-Star Game for validation that the Oklahoma City trade worked out for them. Victor Oladipo has ignited the fanbase with a career year, and the solid contributions from Domas Sabonis are a bonus. I think most fans have moved on, and hopefully, George will too.

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